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July 2008
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drtamsdiary [userpic]
Saturday, January 16

Book has agreed to make purchases for me off ship. Asked him to purchase a dozen roses and chocolate (to resupply new, VERY secret cache). He looked at the money I was handing him, looked at me, and said, "Son, do you have any idea how much roses cost, here?"

Now I do. Have never had to budget before; purchases smaller than a vehicle or a flat were always well within my means. Fortunately, Kaylee used to living on shoestring; hopefully single rose will be enough to impress. Considered sacrificing chocolate, but Book assured me that significant amounts of chocolate could be found for less than the cost of a second rose.

I'm not certain of Book's profession prior to his assumption of religious orders, but the long list of chores I accrued during tonight's card game makes it a safe bet that he was once a card shark. Although if Book were offering me that bet, I doubt very much I would take it. Loud screaming, moaning and caterwauling from Wash and Zoe's room significant distraction during card game. Think Jayne was almost as handicapped as I by the noise. Perhaps vow of celibacy gives Book significant edge.

Game was interrupted when River began tearing labels off food cans. Cannot figure out why she did it; nothing she said made sense. Imagine she also took wrappers off chocolate.

There is some kind of logic here, some kind of code I should be able to figure out. The letters seemed insane, but there was a code inside; I just had to learn to read it. It took me months to crack that one. This may take longer. I'm beginning to wish I had trained as a psychiatrist rather than a trauma surgeon. Everyone on board seems to think I should be able to cure her. I don't think any of them realize that in this particular field of expertise, I'm only slightly more knowledgeable than they are.

When I was told they were hurting her, I had no idea this was what they meant. I keep trying to access journals, papers, anything that could give me some hint of what has happened to her. I need an expert's help, but out here I AM the expert.

"Top three percent of your class," the Captain keeps saying. It doesn't matter. Right now, I'm useless. I can only watch, and work by trial and error, and pray that I don't make her any worse.


Shiny. :)

I was scared about not being funny enough. Glad you don't mind.

Niiice. Thoughtful Simon. *nods* Coooool.

There will probably be more of that...I suspect this will sometimes take a more serious turn.

And there's nothing wrong with that!! :-)

hee... poor simon...literally!

love his thoughts on book

...and his uncertainty about treating river makes me want to give him hugs...

Yes. There will be more to come on his financial situation. Glad you liked it.

Again, this entertaining, thoughtful, and painfully accurate (as to what I always suspected was happening off-camera). I zip thru my LJ, looking for another chapter, then trudge off to make my own pitiful excuse for an entry.

I zip thru my LJ, looking for another chapter, then trudge off to make my own pitiful excuse for an entry.

Hee! That sounds like something out of this diary!