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July 2008
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drtamsdiary [userpic]
Friday, January 29


River seems - well, whatever passes for normal - today.

Did dishes after breakfast and dinner.

Gave Wash analgesics for sore wrist and finger.

...wait a minute.

I have written the same thing for the past three days running. This means

  1. I am bai wu liao lai
  2. Someone's been taking advantage of my distracted state and leaving me with dish duty (and I am sure I know who)
  3. I need to do something to get out of this rut

Shipboard living seems to settle into an incredibly dull routine, especially when one is traveling in a small ship with a long distance between planets. There's no room for active games, due to the cattle in the hold, and Mal has made it clear that no one is to come near the cattle except to feed and water them after he overheard Jayne telling Kaylee about a planned cow-tipping expedition. The nai chou from the cattle means one cannot bu ke kao jin the cargo bay.

I thought treating River would take up all the time on my hands; obviously, I was incorrect. My goal for this week: find something to do.

Time to read another chapter of the Aeneid to River. If it were written in prose, it would be twelve paragraphs instead of twelve books. It would also be far less dull and thus unlikely to lull River to sleep.

Inara has asked me to visit her. Apparently, boredom is catching.

bai wu liao lai - bored to tears
nai chou - unbearable stench
bu ke kao jin - cannot go anywhere near



And where do yuo find all these translations?