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July 2008
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drtamsdiary [userpic]
Saturday, January 30

Dryden's translation of the Aeneid is interminable and dull - an appropriate reflection of this journey. I'd give it up, but River consistently demands more; it seems to be a far more effective sedative than any of the drugs I've given her. Kaylee has begun dropping by River's cabin at night, as well, to listen to me read the Aeneid. She seems utterly rapt. Had not pegged her as classical literature fan. Obviously, as the one person in the room that is bai wu liao lai by this, there's something about Dryden's poetry I'm just not getting.

The visit with Inara provided an interesting counterpoint, although why she is sexually obsessed with Odysseus I'm not sure. I feel that my education in early Earth history is, at this point, rather well rounded.

Dr. Arienzo once said in class, "Anyone can teach themselves a new skill, if only they are willing to dedicate two hours per day to it." Of course, the scandal with the unlicensed Companions, the feathers, the large case of jin hallucinogens and the illegally obtained vat of honey gave some indication as to what he'd been practicing, but it remains good advice. I have been addressing River's issues in the wrong way, attempting to treat her while lacking the necessary background in psychiatry, thinking I could gain the necessary knowledge by reading a few papers that seemed linked to her symptoms. The only way to tackle this problem, I suspect, is from the ground up. I plan to spend the next several months reading the textbooks used in Medacad's psychiatry classes. I'm sure, if only I'm dedicated enough, I can find a cure for River. The answer has to be there, somewhere. I just need the knowledge that will allow me to find it.

bai wu liao lai - bored to tears
jin - contraband


*pets determined Simon*

you know, you amaze me with your entries... so much in charachter... i look forward to more...

*sigh* Oh simon.

Determined. Brilliant enough to stand a chance of teaching yourself psychiatry. Pushed way too far.